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Benefits of Transportation Factoring

At Far West Capital’s El Paso office, we’re experts in transportation factoring. We’ve
had the opportunity to see and help trucking companies who need working capital
to run and grow their businesses. We love seeing our clients grow from a single
truck company to a multiple truck company, and we’re happy to be a part of their
success story.

Factoring is a good option for many transportation companies. Your company will
benefit from:

  • Flexible, Fast and Convenient Funding – We understand time constraints when working capital is needed. That is why we work diligently and quickly to provide same day funding.
  • Decreased Costs – By paying cash for supplies, you may be able to receive supplier discounts not previously available to you when cash flow was tight.
  • Reduced Credit Risk – Far West Capital will conduct diligent underwriting of your account debtors, which can help you identify potential losses before they happen.
  • Improved Business Management – With additional cash, you will have more business flexibility (to increase your inventory, offer special terms to customers, pay off existing debt, capture new opportunities, etc.).

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